Truth Outreach Ministries

Men On Fire

"Equipping men to become better fathers, husbands and leaders in their community"


Pastor Deshawn Jones

Mission Statement

Designed to empower and equip men to better fathers, husbands and mentors.

Men on Fire ----> Sons of God Arise & Boys to Men

Vision Statement

Help men find the king within themselves by encouraging them to self discovery and moving forward in their walk with God, leading their families, and careers. Assist them in rekindling the fire of Jesus Christ in their heart with prayer, studying the word of God, and mentoring them for accountability. Teach them to discover the weapons God has given them to overcome different alleys of life and help to kill the silence spirit that comes to separate men from their identity. Teaching them the 3 keys to manage the transition of life:

1. Cultivate Humility
2. Patience
3. Actively look for guidance (mentoring)


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